About Me

I write mystery novels that are available on Amazon.com in both paperback, eBooke, and Audible versions.

The Stephen Moorehouse Mystery Series

The Butterfly Conspiracy takes place in a fictional town called Grand View, but perceptive readers will recognize the area as the beautiful Grand Marais, Michigan on the shores of Lake Superior.  Young Stephen Moorehouse is excited about spending the summer with his famous uncle, Phillip Kahle.  Stephen’s big plans of being surrounded by movie starlets takes a decidedly different turn when he becomes suspicions that the mob is after him, and then he finds himself as suspect number one in a very nasty crime.

The Peacock Prophecy brings back all the characters found in The Butterfly Conspiracy and takes them to Mackinac Island where they meet the mysterious Edward Van Dyke, the proprietor of the popular Peacock Inn.  The old Victorian hotel is the new hot spot for Chicago thrill seekers, at least for those brave enough to attend the nightly seances Mr. Van Dyke conducts.  Once Stephen Moorehouse, Uncle Phillip, Jeanette and friends arrive, the entertainment evolves into something much darker.  When Stephen encounters someone from Jeanette’s past, the dim corridors of the Peacock Inn turn deadly and provide the final answer to “The Peacock Prophecy”.

Menagerie of Broken Dreams, the third Stephen Morehouse book,  brings Stephen, his uncle Phillip Kahle, and Stephen’s girlfriend, the beautiful Jeanette, back once again.  This time Phillip sends Stephen to central Florida to scout out locations for his next movie.  Three seemingly separate events all converge at the creepy roadside attraction run by the mysterious Doctor Merryweather, where they put Stephen and his friends in grave danger.

The Monarch Graveyard. I wrote this book to be a sequel to The Butterfly Conspiracy. I wrote it ten years after the Butterfly Conspiracy, my first book, had been published. It takes the story line and all the characters and moves everything four years later. It was a lot of fun writing this book because I was able to revisit my old character friends. I told a writing critique group that writing the Monarch Graveyard was like going home for Christmas after ten years.

The Archie Archibald Private Detective Series

A Crimson Sky for Dying is the first Archie Archibald Private Detective novel in this new series. The book tells how Archie became a private-eye. With the Everglades on fire, Archie’s first case heats up with well-connected politicians, sex for hire, and a murder where all the evidence points to him.

In The Black Orchid Mystery, the second Archie Archibald Private Detective novel,  the action takes place in sunny Vero Beach, Florida when Mrs. Clara Silverman, the richest woman in Vero Beach, suddenly disappears. There are plenty of plot twists in this voluminous work which moves from Florida, to New York City, to the remove wilderness of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

In Unsafe Harbor, the third Archie Archibald Private-eye book, Archie has retired to an old cabin in the woods. Nestled along the shoreline of Lake Michigan, strange things soon start occurring on his property. As he begins to investigate, it seems his neighbors all have secrets they don’t want revealed. When a body shows up near Archie’s road, he realizes he and his house guest may be in danger.

Other Books

The Maze At Four Chimneys takes place in Chicago, Escanaba, Michigan and the Garden Peninsula, just outside of Escanaba.  With his life crumbling before him, John Barrington decides to give up his life in Chicago and move his young daughter back to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  Unfortunately, the house he has inherited from his elderly aunt fails to provide the peace and tranquility he’s looking for.  He soon finds out he has put himself and his daughter in a very dangerous situation.

In The Pilot, Brad Feldman is desperate to find a perfect location to shoot his new television pilot for a remake of his cable show America’s Most Haunted Locations. With the help of famed paranormal investigator, Doctor Louise Hilton, several people from across America are invited to spend some time in an old mansion which has had a history of ghost sightings.

When April Stoughton receives an invitation, she thinks this is an opportunity to turn her life around. She quickly changes her mind when nobody can get out and the bodies start mounting.

The House on Turner Lane. A woman’s skull is discovered in the middle of a huge wilderness area. Where did it come from? When a young college girl goes missing while on a hiking trip with her new boyfriend, it’s up to her sister to try and figure out what happened and where she is. Alone in a strange town, her sister discovers that the only person that has stepped forward to help her may be holding a dangerous secret himself.

Peacock Redux and Other Short Stories is a collection of 8 short stories which range from a young boy finding love at the circus to an old man mourning the passing of his beloved wife. Retro, humerus, scary….they are all represented in this small volume.



6 Responses to About Me

  1. Linda (Zawacki) Loge says:

    Hi Jim,
    Just finished and enjoyed your third book. They bring back memories of the times I spent in Escanaba with you and Karen Kahle. I’m looking forward to book #4 taking place in Florida as I’ll be spending part of February there. My mom, Marie, (at 93 years old!) still reads a lot and is keeping up with your books too. Keep writing and take care-

  2. june ondrus says:

    Ok James
    We missed you at the Yooper Picnic this year and I had to order The Peacock Prophecy online, I will bring it to the 2013 Picnic so you can personally endorse the book for me.
    June Ondrus
    Melbourne Fl/ Crystal Falls “say Yah to the UP Eh!”

    • June,

      So nice to hear from you! We had every intention of attending this years Yooper picnic but when we looked at the calendar, it had already happened! I thought it was a few weeks later. We were really disappointed.

      Thank you so much for buying The Peacock Prophecy. I’d be happy to sign your book. I’m in the middle of book 4 (unnamed as of yet) which takes place in Vero Beach BUT has ties to Upper Michigan and involves John Barrington from The Maze At Four Chimneys. John actually comes to Vero from the UP. But, the main character is someone new, a middle aged detective named Archie.

      See you at the picnic…it will be here before we know it!

  3. I can imagine Michigan is a great backdrop for your books. Nice place, although the bugs get pretty bad during the summer. My only complaint. 🙂

  4. brickthomas says:

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and best wishes on your latest work.

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