Arts and Today’s Media

old tvIf you only watch TV, you would think that art in the United States consisted only of actors and pop stars.  Why is it that the morning news shows, late night talk shows, and every interview show in between focuses about 99.9% of their interviews with actors and teeny-bopper bands that have a shelf life of about 6 months?

What happened to covering the arts for adults?  When do you ever see serious authors, painters, sculptors, etc. being interviewed on television?

It wasn’t always this way!  I remember watching interviews in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s where authors who were writing LITERATURE were featured.  Can it be that intelligent, educated people who enjoy the ARTS don’t spend money?  I don’t think so.

Or is it that television has been hijacked by the huge corporations who make movies and are using the airwaves as pure propaganda machines for their latest movie releases.  So, now we end up getting an unending parade of ACTORS shilling their movies.

I don’t know about YOU but I’m really sick of hearing about acting, acting, acting, and never hearing from wonderful thought provoking AUTHORS and PAINTERS.

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About Hurricane River Publishing

I write mystery novels. The Butterfly Conspiracy and The Peacock Prophecy, feature Stepehn Moorehouse, his Uncle Phillip Kahle, and Stephen's romantic interest, Jeanette St. Jacques. The Maze At Four Chimneys features John Barrington and his family. The Black Orchid Mystery features a detective named Archie Archibald. This book takes place in Vero Beach, Florida but has ties to John Barrington from The Maze book. My latest book, Menagerie of Broken Dreams, brings back Stephen Moorhouse and his uncle Philip, as they travel to central Florida to make a movie. Things don't go as planned when they meet Doctor Merryweather and his run down roadside attraction the Menagerie.
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2 Responses to Arts and Today’s Media

  1. elmediat says:

    The really sad part is that they are not even talking in any depth about their craft, which would bring in literature, theatre, and insightful discussion of cinema. They are there to shill the movie and use an every-day persona to sell the product to the largest target audience.

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