The Mystery of the White Pelican

Feeding Frenzy on the Indian RiverFeeding Frenzy With White PelicanSeveral times each winter, we are treated to a wild bird feeding frenzy where HUNDREDS of birds follow a huge group of bait fish up the river. The pelicans swoop down into the river as swimming cormorants are diving under the water for fish, while white and blue herons are running along the bank, following the action. The combination of squawks and splashes can be deafening

Here’s my question. Almost every time I’ve seen this, I’ve spotted a few pure white pelicans in the midst. They’re surrounded by hundreds of grey pelicans, the ones we see on a regular basis. The problem is, I’ve never seen a white pelican by itself. They are always in the middle of this bird feeding frenzy. So, where are they when this feeding riot isn’t taking place? How do they happen to always be part of these spectaculars, which are quite rare, but are never seen coming or going, flying overhead, or floating on the river by themselves? It’s a mystery!


About Hurricane River Publishing

I write mystery novels. The Butterfly Conspiracy and The Peacock Prophecy, feature Stepehn Moorehouse, his Uncle Phillip Kahle, and Stephen's romantic interest, Jeanette St. Jacques. The Maze At Four Chimneys features John Barrington and his family. The Black Orchid Mystery features a detective named Archie Archibald. This book takes place in Vero Beach, Florida but has ties to John Barrington from The Maze book. My latest book, Menagerie of Broken Dreams, brings back Stephen Moorhouse and his uncle Philip, as they travel to central Florida to make a movie. Things don't go as planned when they meet Doctor Merryweather and his run down roadside attraction the Menagerie.
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