Hearing From An Old Friend

A few days ago I checked the mail when I got home and received a great surprise…a letter from an old college buddy.  Now something like that can really put a smile on your face.  My college roommate had taken the time to sit down with pen and paper and write me a letter.  He also enclosed the New York Times obituary for Levon Helm.  He knew I was a huge fan of The Band, even back then.

This guy is one of those very special people, and I think we all have them in our lives, at least I hope so.  You know, the kind of relationship where, even though the years have gone by, when you get a chance to talk to them…it seems like time has stopped still.  Those relationships are so special.  I guess one of the reasons they are so special is that there just aren’t that many of them. 

We shared many experiences.  We went to community college together and then went to Western Michigan University for our last two years.  Once we graduated, it didn’t take long before we both got drafted and went to boot camp together.  He went to Germany and I went to Hawaii.  We were two very lucky soldiers because the Viet Nam war was raging at the time.

So, the point is – maybe you have someone in your life that would love to hear from you.  I’m sure my friend has no idea of how much enjoyment I got out of receiving his letter and newspaper article.  It was almost like coming down stairs on Christmas morning! 



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I write mystery novels. The Butterfly Conspiracy and The Peacock Prophecy, feature Stepehn Moorehouse, his Uncle Phillip Kahle, and Stephen's romantic interest, Jeanette St. Jacques. The Maze At Four Chimneys features John Barrington and his family. The Black Orchid Mystery features a detective named Archie Archibald. This book takes place in Vero Beach, Florida but has ties to John Barrington from The Maze book. My latest book, Menagerie of Broken Dreams, brings back Stephen Moorhouse and his uncle Philip, as they travel to central Florida to make a movie. Things don't go as planned when they meet Doctor Merryweather and his run down roadside attraction the Menagerie.
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